ATEX Sahara collection tested in the Sahara!

Our trip to the Algerian Sahara, which was postponed for several years, was realized in February 2023, thanks to our participation in the SAHARA TRIATHLON. This finally allowed us to test and photograph the ATEX Sahara collection, which we have been producing for the team around Triathlon North Africa for the third year. On the spot, we met with the organizers, the Czech-Algerian brothers Atarsia, and also with a large Czech team, which included the leading Czech triathlete David Jílek. Since we already knew each other from other events, especially from Winterman, we dressed David in our ATEX Sahara collection and took a lot of photos with him, which you can see here on the shop for the individual products of this collection. As you can see from the photos, David is a professional athlete in every way, and for that, we owe him a big thank you.

The race itself definitely deserves its "unique" designation, and if you too are considering a half or long-distance triathlon in a non-traditional setting, this race should not be missed!

  • Published: Mar 21, 2023