Consent for data processing

Based on European Parliament regulation and EU Committee 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 on personal data protection and sharing and cancellation of directive  95/46/ES (General Data Protection Regulation; hereinafter referred to as „GDPR“), based on act no. 101/2000 Col., about personal data protection and based on regulation no. 480/2004 Col., about some services of information company and about changes of some regulations I hereby give consent to: 

ATEX – spol. s r.o. company based in Vážného 3, Brno, 621 00, IČO: 46963146, registered in the Register of companies at Regional Court in Brno section C, entry 6500.

(hereinafter referred to as „Company“), as an administrator of personal data, a consent to process my sensitive and personal data during the contract/contracts period made between me or my legal representative and Company and for 3 years after the end of contract/contracts or of a period of 1 year if the contract did not take place, give 10 years to process (also automatically and especially through collection, monitoring, profiling, assessing and saving to information medium, accessing, adjusting or changing, searching, using, passing, spreading, publishing, exchanging, selecting or combining, blocking and cancelling) in order to:

  • identify my relevant needs as a Company customer
  • offer and execution of suitable business offers and customer Company programs

I also give consent to the Company to send me marketing notifications, offers and benefit customer programs of the Company and relevant business partners for the same period of time. This can be done electronically or printed.

Personal information that is processed includes the name, surname, degree, permanent address/business address, birth certificate number, gender, date of birth and interests, bank account number, information from given documents, payment information, telephone number and e-mail, information identifying organizations or persons connected to the company's operation, such as IP address or cookie identifications, and information on shopping preferences.

Based on this consent, the Company is allowed to share my personal data for the above-mentioned purposes with involved business partners, especially delivery companies. 

Administrator instructs the subject about their rights according to §12 and 21 of GDPR.

The Company, as a personal data administrator, therefore informs about the manner and extent of personal data processing, including the extent of the subject’s rights related to data processing by the Company.

The Company processes personal data in accordance with the valid legal adjustment / right of the European Union, in particular with European Parliament regulation and Committee 95/46/ES from 24 October 1995 about the protection of individuals in accordance with personal data processing and free movement of this information, further in accordance with international regulations, that the Czech Republic is bound, in particular in accordance with Convention about data protection with regard to automatic personal data processing no. 108, known under no.115/2001 Col., and further in accordance with relevant domestic legal regulations, especially act no.101/2000 Sb., on personal data protection and on change of certain acts, as amended by further acts (Personal Data Protection Act, Hereinafter referred to as „PDPA“).

Purpose and extent of personal data processing

The Company processes only accurate personal data that has been received in accordance with the PDPA. This information is collected and processed only for specified purposes, to a given extent, for a period of 10 years or the duration of the contract, and for 3 consecutive years after expiration. If the contract is not concluded, the data is kept for a period of 1 year.

Main Purposes of personal data processing

  • contract performance and service execution
  • accounting and tax purposes
  • direct marketing (informative and product advertising)
  • customer database management
  • sending congratulations and gift vouchers for birthday
  • offering and providing suitable business offers and customer benefit programs of the Company
  • identification of relevant needs from the position of the Company customer 

Extent of data processing

The Company processes personal data to this extent:

  • identification: degree, name, surname, date of birth, gender;
  • address: permanent or temporary address, delivery or other contact address, telephone number, email
  • other personal data: bank account number, interest and other information implied by specific contracts or acts

Sources of personal data

The Company mainly receives personal data from data subjects or third parties during contract negotiations.

The Company always ensures that data subjects are aware of when data is necessary to ensure the smooth execution of a service, and when it is voluntary. However, providing such personal data can significantly simplify communication between the data subject and the Company, and help to provide more efficient service.

The Company monitors and keeps records of communication with data subjects (especially customer service telephone calls) in order to provide better, objective, transparent, and safe service. Data subjects are informed beforehand and have the right to decline this procedure.

Processor and receiver

Apart from the Company, personal data can be also processed by Processors to secure the above-mentioned objectives based on acts concerning personal data processing in accordance with PDPA between the Processor and the Company as an administrator. These are above all delivery companies. The Company passes only some personal data of the customers (email address, number and date of the order and the list of products) to FOREGROUND, s.r.o. company, based on Cejl 37/62, IČO 29282764, Zábrdovice (Brno-střed), 602 00 Brno, file C 70799 registered at the Regional Court in Brno for the purpose of CRM (administration of e-technically shop

The Company processes personal data either manually or automatically. Data protection is technically and organisationally secured in accordance with PDPA. The same security is also required by the Company from the Processors.

The Company notifies that personal data can be disclosed to third parties based on legal requirements. The third party has the right to request relevant personal data.

Data subject rights

The data subject is entitled to request information about their personal data processing in terms of the purpose, extent, alternatively data categories that are relevant to the processing, sources of personal data, nature of automatic processing, processors, receivers or categories of personal data receivers.

The Company communicates the information without any redundant delay for an adequate fee that cannot be more than expenses for providing such information.

In case the data subject discovers or assumes that the Company or contracted Processor executes data processing that is contrary to the private and personal life of the data subject or in contradiction to legal acts, the data subject has the right to:

  • ask the Company or their contracted Processor for explanation;
  • ask the Company or their contracted Processor for correction, blocking, completion or removal of personal data. 

The Company has to inform, without any redundant delay, the data subject about the execution of their request. The data subject can address the Office for Personal Data Protection at any time. 

I consensually give this consent and I am aware that I can cancel it at any time. 

I am also aware that non-granting or cancelling this consent means that some of the services or delivery might not be tailored to my needs. However, this consent does not affect the provision of services and delivery.

I also take into account that this consent does not affect the right of the Company to send me marketing offers and notifications in order to advertise their own products and services during the business contract duration.