ATEX BRISK Collection

The ATEX BRISK collection was the hit of last season and we believe it will be the hit of this season as well. What makes it so special? It was developed in collaboration with the Czech biathlon team, tested by stars such as Markéta Davidová and Michal Krčmář, and its design is derived from the racing clothing worn by the Czech national team at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. ATEX BRISK is designed for all cross-country skiers and athletes who expect maximum comfort and functionality from their clothing. No matter where and how you train.

BRISK cross-country ski clothing is wind and moisture resistant. We've also added plenty of features you'll appreciate on the cross-country trails. The zippers are waterproof and have caps on both sides. We've added non-slip elastics to the bottom edge of jackets and jerseys to keep clothes sitting exactly where they should. Breathable material is used on the back and underarms to ensure maximum comfort when exercising. Raglan sleeves made of stretchy materials allow for free movement, and inner cuffs with thumbholes keep you warm.

The ATEX BRISK collection includes two-piece racing suits, jackets, trousers, hoodies and vests, all in men's, women's and children's designs. The collection is also complemented by hats, headbands and neck warmers that are suitable for a variety of sports and leisure activities.

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Cross-country ski jacket BRISK
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Cross-country ski suit BRISK
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Sports hoodie BRISK
Universal scarf BRISK
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