ATEX Silver Knights Collection

We created the ATEX Silver Knights collection in cooperation with the Lithuanian designer Alexandras Pogrebnojus, with whom we have been creating clothes for the Lithuanian biathlon team for many years. This collection was designed for the PyeongChang Olympics. The famous designer Aleksandras Pogrebnojus was inspired by Lithuanian history and gave biathletes the image of knights.

In the ATEX Silver Knights collection, you will find men's cycling pants with a tight fit made of the very flexible material Espan, a cycling jersey made of the breathable, quick-drying material Rudy, or an athletic jersey made of the extremely light, breathable and quick-drying material Coolsky. The collection is completed by a running headband, a sports cap and a universal scarf.

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Athletic jersey SILVER KNIGHTS short sleeves
athletic slim jersey silver knights is semi-fitting and made of smooth and breathable coolsky m..
Athletic jersey SILVER KNIGHTS, long sleeves
Universal sports jersey with long sleeves made of lightweight breathable material Coolsky.UseThis sp..
Cycling jersey SILVER KNIGHTS
Men's cycling jersey is in close-fitting Profi Plus design and made of Rudy material in combination ..
Cycling trousers SILVER KNIGHTS
Men's cycling trousers are in close-fitting Profi Plus design and made of Espan material in com..
Running headband SILVER KNIGHTS
Single-layer lightweight running headband. Sides are perforated for better ventilation. The height i..
Single-layer universal hat from Roubaix material. Sides are laser perforated for better breathabilit..
Universal thin scarf SILVER KNIGHTS
Universal seamless sports scarf offering many ways of wearing. Produced in one universal size.USEThi..
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