Our new beach volleyball collection for the first time in the game!

We took advantage of the fact that the Czech national team pairs DUMEK / SEDLÁK and BERČÍK / DŽAVORONOK were planning to train on our almost home field at Sokolák in Brno and arranged a short photo shoot with them. Surprisingly, the weather was not very nice at the end of April, but despite the bad weather we managed to take some great photos of our beach volleyball outfits. Both of our brand new AWIRI collection and the stalwart of our range, the REVOLT collection.

We didn't forget to take photos of the pairs in their playing clothes, including photos of the "controversial" NO WAR shorts, which Honza Dumek and Jirka Sedlak are not allowed to wear at international FIVB tournaments due to their alleged political fault.

Both collections of clothing can now be purchased through our e-shop and you can see how we have succeeded in putting our many years of know-how, gained through cooperation with the biggest names in Czech beach volleyball, into clothing for retail sale.

  • Published: May 03, 2023