Children's cycling trousers SATO, turquoise

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Variant children's
Weather summer
Material Espan Color
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Children's cycling trousers SATO in a close-fitting design are made from very stretchy Epson Color material.

The trousers are equipped with a double-layer fitting padding HOBBY. You will find an elastic waistband, legs that are hemmed with 4cm-wide fine elastic and reflective trims.

Made in the Czech Republic. Extended 3-year warranty. 

This sportswear is ideal for cycling 

ESPAN material
Highly stretchy matt material offering very good properties for sportsman such as free movement, elasticity and durability. Higher density of the textile makes it less translucent and therefore you do not need to worry what colour of your underwear to choose. Composition: 79% Polyester, 21% elastane. Weight: 180g/2. 

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