Two-layer cloth face mask BJP

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Material Batex + Jabapex
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Two-layer cloth face mask offers a basic protection against virus infections in public. Outer layer is made from BATEX material and the inner layer from JABAPEX material that combines advantages of natural and artificial fibres thanks to its unique composition (50% cotton and 50% polyester). The mask is nicely fitting and comfortable to wear. It is quick-drying but also has great filtering properties thanks to cotton. This is not a certified health mask. 

Our recommendation is to combine this mask with a unique filter from a Czech producer NANUNTIO. This makes it a very special antivirus mask with almost 100% efficiency of a protection agains bacteria and viruses.

Caring for a cloth face mask from BATEX material

1.    Before using the mask for the first time, wash the mask at 60°C. Do not wash at 90°C.

2.    When dry, iron the whole mask thoroughly on the reverse site.

3. Store ironed mask into a clean place e.g. into a plastic container with a lid.

4. Always wash your hands before using the sterilised mask.

5. After using the mask, take it off from the back and do not touch the front part.

Please be aware that the fastening elastics may shrink slightly after the first washing.

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