Long orienteering trousers

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Variant unisex
Weather changeable
Material Luvia + Espan Color + Mesh
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Long and light trousers are especially designed for needs of orienteering. Front panels are made of Luvia material with waterproof coating, back part is made of stretchy Espan material for easier movement. Front parts between the waist and knees are underlaid with Mesh material. There is a ventilation hole under knees and knee areas are slightly loose. Elastic waistband with a drawstring and two zipped pockets go without saying. Trouser legs have reflective zips on and both sides of the trousers have some distinct reflective features. All zips are equipped with a stop system. Made in the Czech Republic. Extended 3-year warranty. 

This sportswear is ideal for orienteering and leisure activities

LUVIA material
Light nonstretch textile with hydrophobic coating for maximum water-resistance. 
Composition: 100% Polyester
Weight: 71 g/m2

MESH material
Very flexible material with a fine Mesh structure and low weight. It feels nice and soft. Composition: 78% Polyester, 22% elastane. Weight: 130 g/m2.

ESPAN material 

Highly stretchy matt material offering very good properties for sportsman, such as a great free movement, elasticity and durability. Higher density of the textile makes it less translucent and therefore you do not need to worry what colour of your underwear to choose. Composition: 79% Polyester, 21% elastane. Weight: 180 g/m2.


Made from Espan, which is made of micro fibre clothes delivering excellent performance. The micro fibres are though very soft and improper use can cause damage, particularly to abrasion. Therefore, during sports activities please avoid contact with sharp or abrasive surfaces such as Velcro straps, backpack straps, sharp edges, bicycle saddles, wooden and rough-wrought benches, tree branches and the like.Dětské cyklistické kalhoty VIDOR krátké se šlemi. Reflexní prvek. Vyrobeny v ČR. Prodloužená tříletá záruka.