Athletic headband ORIENTEERING black

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Variant unisex
Weather summer, changeable
Material roubaix
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Single-layer universal headband. Made from stretchy material. Height of the headband is 7cm and there is only one seam at the back. Made in the Czech RepublicExtended 3-year warranty.


This sportswear is designed for cycling, in-line skating, athletics and orienteering. 

ROUBAIX material

Stretch material of a soft and non-itchy texture with high thermal insulation even in extreme climatic conditions. This knitwear has a soft brushed fleece material on the reverse side and obverse side is smooth and matt. The textile is shrink-proof, resistant to odour and mould. Composition: 45% polyamide, 42% Thermastat, 13% elastane. Weight: 235 g/m2.